Hemingway At El Floridita Bar

Hemingway’s Daiquiri

I didn’t try a daiquiri at the El Floridita bar in Havana, Cuba but I drank many daiquiris during my time there. I acquired quite a taste for them so I’m sharing a yummy recipe! Cheers!

Hemingway at El Floridita bar

Hemingway at El Floridita bar in Havana, Cuba

Hemingway’s El Floridita Daiquiri

2 1/1 jiggers Bacardi or Havana Club rum
(1 jigger = 1 1/2 ounces)
Juice of 2 limes
Juice of 1/2 grapefruit
6 drops of maraschino (cherry brandy)

Fill a blender one-quarter full of ice, preferably shaved or cracked. Add the rum, lime juice, grapefruit juice and maraschino.
Blend on high until the mixture turns cloudy and light-colored. ( See Islands in the Stream, page 281 for a more Hemingway-esque description.)

Serve immediately in large, conical goblets.

Excerpted from The Hemingway Cookbook by Craig Boreth (c) Craig Boreth 1998. Used with permission of Craig Boreth.

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